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The perfect nib for every handwriting

Every font is individual - if that's not a good reason to equip your fountain pen with a fountain pen entirely according to your personal wishes. Lamy offers the right pen for every writing style and preference. Discover our large selection here and find your new favourite nib.

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Nibs (7)


The Lamy nibs at a glance

All-round nibs

These nibs for fountain pens are suitable for almost any hand position and writing style. They are robust and glide effortlessly over the paper thanks to their ball-shaped writing tip.

Special nibs

When it comes to writing with fountain pens, do you know exactly what you want? In this category you will find individual nibs, including bevelled nib tips.

Premium nibs

Outstanding writing comfort and elegant appearance: Nibs made of gold or with a precious coating turn your writing instrument into a classy highlight on your desk.

How to change the nib of your fountain pen

The different nib strengths explained

F, B, M - these are just a few examples of abbreviations that we use to designate our Lamy nibs. They describe nib thickness - how wide the stroke of the fountain pen is on the paper. Exceptions are the nibs with the designations A and LH - these are specially designed for beginners and left-handers and tailored to their particular requirements.

Role of the material when buying a nib tip

The shape and strength of the nib are primarily decisive for the writing feel of the nib: The Lamy standard nibs are made of steel and are available in a variety of different thicknesses, shapes and grindings. Gold nibs, however, are an exception - here the material ensures writing comfort of the highest quality.

Our tip: Try the specially shaped nib LAMY Z53. Members of the Lamy community find their writing feeling very similar to a gold nib - so you can better assess in advance whether the investment in a gold nib may be worthwhile for you.

More sustainable writing instruments through replaceable nib tips

Would you like to bring a breath of fresh air into your writing, experience a new writing sensation with a nib of a different thickness or replace your old nib tip after many years of use? If so, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our range: You can combine your Lamy fountain pen with any Lamy nib tip*, so you don't have to replace your entire writing instrument.

*Exception: LAMY 2000

Frequently asked questions

Which nib for my Lamy fountain pen?

In general, every Lamy fountain pen is compatible with every fountain pen in our range. Therefore, the perfect nib ultimately depends on your personal taste: It is best to test which material and which nib strength feels best to you at a Lamy dealer you trust. You can find a Lamy dealer near you here.

How do I find the right fountain pen nib?

Lamy offers a wide range of nibs - it is best to test which one best suits your personal needs and individual typeface at your local Lamy dealer.

• Ideal for beginners

Round nibs: M and LH
• Allround nibs
• optimised for left-handers

Straight nibs: EF, F, B, BB
• For a straight writing position
• Straight ground iridium ball

Bevelled springs: OM, OB, OBB
• For slanted writing position
• One side of the spring is shortened or bevelled.

Italic springs
• Called a calligraphy or ribbon nib
• Typeface with different stroke widths suitable for calligraphy

What do I have to consider when buying a nib for a fountain pen?

In addition to compatibility with your fountain pen, your individual handwriting and special preferences also play a role.
As far as the nib width is concerned, for example: The smaller the handwriting, the finer the nib should be. Large handwritten scripts, on the other hand, usually come out best with a broad nib.
Would you like to treat yourself to something particularly classy? Then you will be happy with one of our premium nibs: The Lamy fountain pens made of gold or black stainless steel not only make your fountain pen a stylish eye-catcher, but are also characterised by a uniquely soft, even writing feel.

We recommend our LH nib especially for left-handers and novice writers are particularly supported in their needs with the A nib - both nib strengths can be found in the online shop under the model LAMY Z50.

What material are the nibs for Lamy fountain pens made of?

The All-round and Special fountain nibs are made of steel (LAMY Z50, Z53 models). Among our premium models you will also find gold fountain pens (LAMY Z55, Z56, Z57) and stainless steel (LAMY Z52).

What are the different types of nibs?

In addition to the material (steel, stainless steel, gold), Lamy fountain pens also differ in their line width or cut: Nibs in the strengths EF, F, B, BB are just straight, nibs in the strength M have a completely rounded tip and nibs in the strengths OM, OB, OBB are bevelled at the tip and are therefore particularly suitable for an oblique writing position.