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The best of both worlds

The feeling of writing on real paper, holding an analogue notebook in your hand; but at the same time organising all pages in a flexible way, moving notes - all possible with NeoLAB's patented ncode technology. In collaboration with NeoLAB, Lamy has developed a writing set consisting of a biro and notebook that allows you to fully enjoy working on paper while benefiting from the advantages of digital finishing.

The LAMY ncode range

Whether you are just getting into digital writing or looking to replace a much-used item: The LAMY ncode products are available both individually and in bundles.

The LAMY safari all black ncode

We combine decades of experience in the development of writing instruments with the technical know-how of NeoLAB. The result is a smart pen that is the perfect symbiosis of a classic biro and a trendsetting digital pen: The LAMY safari all black ncode allows you to work normally on paper, the pen transfers the data to the accompanying free app and you can access your notes both digitally and analogue.


You can only use the Smart Pen with the special LAMY digital paper Notebook: The special ncode pattern on the paper is necessary for the smart pen's optoelectronic sensor to scan the writing.
To fully use the set, you also need the free Neo app.


Everything you write in the notebook is sent to the Neo Studio app and you can manage your files digitally. All you have to do is connect to your LAMY safari all black ncode once via Bluetooth. You can add new pages, organise notes or edit them afterwards via the app.


The application possibilities of the Digital Writing Tools by Lamy are almost endless in their diversity. They offer every personality, every attitude to life and every message a very individual form of expression. Let the protagonists of our LAMY Stories inspire you.

The principle behind the ncode technology

The motivation behind the collaboration between Lamy and NeoLAB is to produce a product that combines the advantages of the digital and analogue world. With the LAMY safari all black ncode, this has been achieved. Quick notes or hand-drawn sketches on paper - easily done in no time on the LAMY digital paper Notebook.

Frequently asked questions

How does the ncode technology work?

The camera integrated in the pen (also called: optoelectronic sensor) captures fine dots, the so-called ncode pattern, on the pages of the LAMY digital paper notebook. Based on this, the pen can read the data and transmit it to the app via Bluetooth. The included bookmark acts as a digital remote control, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the line width and colour of your notes by tapping it with the Smart Pen.
Note: You should make absolutely sure that the pen has enough battery charge when using it, because if the battery is empty, the smart pen does not save any data and the writing cannot be scanned afterwards.

What opportunities arise from the use of ncode technology?

You can still enjoy writing, drawing or sketching on paper and still have everything available digitally. This is particularly practical if you want to organise or add to your notes afterwards. If you do not have your LAMY digital paper notebook on hand at some point - for example due to lack of space - you can still access your notes on your end device (smartphone, tablet). It also eliminates the need for annoying scanning or photographing: You can easily share your notes with colleagues after a meeting or with fellow students, for example, to prepare for exams.

Which LAMY products are based on ncode technology?

The LAMY safari all black ncode and the LAMY digital paper Notebook are equipped with ncode technology. Both products can only be used in combination. The technology cannot be applied to other writing pads or notebooks.

Will ncode technology replace traditional writing on paper?

The ncode technology does not replace traditional writing on paper, but it complements it with the many conveniences of the digital world. You can continue to work on paper as usual and in addition to the analogue pages, you also have everything stored digitally and can access it flexibly and share your notes.

Where & how is ncode technology used?

The Lamy safari all black ncode is mainly used by people who pursue a creative activity, whether in their profession or as a hobby. Quickly write down an idea, follow it up digitally and then share it with others... Brainstorming has never been easier. However, many also use the smart pen in everyday office life: Quickly made a note during the meeting and sort everything on the PC afterwards. The pen is suitable for many areas and facilitates many work steps.

My LAMY ncode isn’t turning on. What do I have to do?

No need to worry if your LAMY safari all black ncode should ever fail to turn on. This can happen if you have not used the pen for a long time or it took a long time to be delivered. The battery goes into a deep sleep mode after a certain period of non-use, which you can end with a reset. To do this, press and hold the power button for approx. 15 seconds. The LED display should then flash. If it does not, connect the pen to the charging cable for 1-2 hours and perform the reset again. When the pen is fully charged, the battery lasts about 11 hours before it has to be charged again. If you have any further questions or need help, contact our customer service here.

How do I change the ballpoint refill in my LAMY ncode?

If the refill of your LAMY safari all black ncode is empty, you can conveniently order the replacement refill LAMY M21 in our online shop. You can easily change the refill by carefully pulling it out at the tip with your fingers. You can then use the new refill in the same way. You can find the exact instructions here.