Valentine’s Day specials: Free engraving for all writing instruments priced 20€ and more & LAMY pico with limited gift box

A writing instrument for all areas of use

Our multi-system pens are true multi-talents: They combine ballpoint pens in different colours or a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil in a single, stylish case. What you would not expect from the slim, elegant housing is: Inside sits a mechanism that has been thought out down to the last detail and is handmade with the greatest level of precision in the LAMY manufactory in Heidelberg.

Multisystem Pens (7)


LAMY logo 3-colours

As low as €32.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

LAMY st tri pen

As low as €49.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

LAMY st twin pen

As low as €35.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

LAMY cp1 tri pen

As low as €59.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

LAMY cp1 twin pen

As low as €45.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

LAMY 2000

As low as €85.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

LAMY logo twin pen

As low as €27.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Multisystem Pens (7)



Accessories: Everything for your multi-system pen

To ensure that your pencil stays with you for a long time, we offer leather cases for storage as well as matching refills and eraser tips for refilling. Find the right accessories for your model here.

The philosophy behind our writing instruments

"Form follows function": The Bauhaus principle is a central component of our brand philosophy. Because for us, design is a holistic attitude that goes beyond the aesthetic design of our products. Day after day, we strive to produce timelessly elegant writing instruments of the highest functionality and best quality that will accompany you for

the rest of your life. That's why behind each of our multi-system recorders there is a well-thought-out concept and a lot of passion for functional details. 

Read more about our design principles here

One writing instrument, many functions

By combining multiple pens in one body, our multifunction pens are ideal for a minimalist desk set-up or for multi-coloured notes and sketches on the go. You are sure to find your personal favourite among the various models in our four-design series.

More joy: multi-system pen as a gift

Due to their outstanding quality "Made in Germany" and the elegant design, our multi-system pens are a great gift for your loved ones - whether as a practical companion for notes in everyday life or as a very special writing instrument to record personal memories. Why not add an individual dedication with an engraving or give the pen as a gift in combination with a high-quality case for storage. By the way: We also offer matching gift boxes for our writing instruments.

Even more flexibility: Analogue meets digital

The LAMY safari twin pen EMR combines the best of both worlds: The advantages of writing by hand on paper with the unlimited possibilities of digital editing. It contains a stylus for smartphone or tablet and a ballpoint pen - in a single writing instrument. With the built-in twist mechanism, you can switch between the two systems with just one movement.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Lamy's multi-system pens special?

The Lamy multi-system pens combine several writing systems in one slim housing. Thanks to the versatile functions included in a writing instrument, they are suitable for all writing situations - whether on the road on a business trip, at your desk, in meetings or for personal use at school or university, journaling, or whenever you want to have a flexible writing instrument at hand. The mechanics inside the writing instruments have been thought out down to the last detail and thus find space in an exceptionally slim housing - extremely practical and space-saving!

What are the advantages of multi-system pens?

A multi-system pen from Lamy allows you to switch flexibly and quickly between different pens with just one movement: Use a multi-colour ballpoint pen to design your notes with up to 4 colours or switch back and forth between a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil with a multifunction pen, for example, to make sketches and add notes.

Minimalism fans and those who like to travel light will also be delighted with the multi-system pens: A single pen combines several writing modes and their simple, timeless design makes the Lamy multi-system pens a visual highlight - whether on the go or on the desk in the office.

What functions does a multi-system pen combine?

With our multi-system pens, we distinguish between multi-colour ballpoint pens, which contain several different coloured ballpoint refills, and multi-function pens, in which mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen are combined in one pen.
However, the flexibility of our multi-system recorders goes beyond mere application on paper: With the LAMY safari twin pen all black EMR, the possibility of digital writing is also open to you.

What variants of multi-system pens are available from Lamy?

Our multicolour ballpoint pens each contain 3 or 4 writing colours. The LAMY logo 3-colours 3 KS contains refills in the colours black, blue and red and the LAMY 2000 4 KS contains refills in the colours black, blue, red and green.
Our multifunction pens, on the other hand, combine a mechanical pencil and a ball point pen in one case. The models LAMY st twin pen, LAMY logo twin pen and LAMY cp 1 twin pen contain a ballpoint refill in addition to the mechanical pencil, the models LAMY st tri pen and LAMY cp 1 tri pen contain 2 ballpoint refills.

Product highlights from the Lamy range

The LAMY logo twin pen, for example, impresses with its minimalist appearance and its well-thought-out concept: The clip for fastening and the pusher for pushing out the writing tip merge into a single integrated unit.
And our pens with multi-colour components, such as the LAMY 2000, have also been designed with a passion for detail: The writing tip of the ballpoint pen refill is edged in the respective writing colour, making the sight-dial mechanism particularly pleasant to use.