Valentine’s Day specials: Free engraving for all writing instruments priced 20€ and more & LAMY pico with limited gift box

For every occasion and every style

Want to spread a little joy to your nearest and dearest with a high-quality, elegant gift? In addition to individual writing instruments, the Lamy range also includes a selection of carefully compiled gift sets that are bound to excite design enthusiasts, collectors and creative individuals.

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LAMY joy black

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LAMY AL-star glossy red + paper Notebook

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LAMY Lx paper Set

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LAMY logo brushed [106/206]

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LAMY logo matt [105/205]

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Gift Sets (6)


Christmas with Lamy: Gift ideas for the festive season

Christmas Eve drawing ever closer and still need to find a gift for someone special? Take a look at our special editions, anyone who appreciates writing instruments will love the new arrivals in our range – it’s not just the look of the LAMY swift anthracite and LAMY studio imperial blue that will get you in the Christmas spirit. The designer collaboration Lamy x PB 0110 also has great items available.


Technology enthusiasts, creative individuals and anyone who doesn’t want to miss out on the endless possibilities of digital writing will be delighted to receive a smart pen or stylus as a gift. The LAMY safari all black ncode, for example, transfers your handwritten notes from the paper automatically and in real time in an app ready for digital editing. Together in a set with the matching LAMY digital paper notebook, it is an original gift for all keen writers.

Create your own gift set

Lamy notebooks are ideal for anyone wanting to create their own individual gift. The hardcover notebooks are inspired by the colours of the LAMY AL-star, while the softcover notebooks perfectly match the colours of the writing instruments in the LAMY safari series. This allows you to create your own stylish and coordinated gift sets based on your favourite colours.

Tip: On the lamy_global Instagram account, you can be among the first to discover new limited editions, special editions and lots more.

Writing instrument set with engraving as a gift

An engraved pen or mechanical pencil makes a lovely gift for an important day such as a graduation, retirement or anniversary. Engrave the date or add initials or coordinates to the writing instrument to create a personalised gift that the recipient can treasure for many years.

Calligraphy gift set

Bullet journalling, calligraphy and hand lettering are hobbies that need a lot of practice – and good equipment. Give the LAMY joy calligraphy fountain pen gift set complete with 3 interchangeable nibs and a pack of ink cartridges. For a particularly personal touch, you can add extra ink in the recipient’s favourite colours.

“The most important thing is what happens in my head”: Franco Clivio in interview

Writing instruments from Lamy are created in cooperation with internationally renowned designers and design studios. Find out more about the Lamy designers here!

Frequently asked questions

Which gift set does Lamy recommend?

Which gift set you choose depends on a few different factors. Are you buying the gift set as a birthday or anniversary present or as a gift for starting school? There is a different set for every occasion, age and style.
Gift sets with a writing instrument and notebook have a wide range of uses and leave room for creativity. Put together your own gift set with a hardcover notebook and a LAMY AL-star or a softcover notebook and a LAMY safari or opt for one of our carefully compiled gift box sets.

The latest special editions or writing instruments combined with a matching case also make a great surprise for collectors and style-conscious writers.

Tip: Anyone who loves rose gold or is passionate about exceptional design will love the LAMY Lx rosegold set complete with matching case.

How do I find the right gift at Lamy?

The Lamy range features many products that make great gifts. Browse through our online shop – you’re bound to find the perfect present in our large selection of premium pens, leather pencil cases and even designer accessories from our collaboration with the label PB 0110. Find more inspiration and the latest special editions on our Instagram account @lamy_global.

Which gift set from Lamy is suitable for children?

As back to school gifts or for use at home, Lamy plus colouring pencils are ideal for helping little artists express their creative ideas.
The fountain pens and ballpoint pens from the LAMY safari range are also very popular among young writers. Due to their ergonomic shape, they are comfortable to write with even for long periods and they come in a range of bright colours. Together with a softcover notebook from Lamy, they create a gift set that can be used creatively and for a wide variety of purposes.

Children with creative hobbies, such as painting and drawing, love the vibrantly coloured pencils from the plus range – also available in metallic and neon colours. And if you need a gift for a young tech enthusiast, take a look at the LAMY AL-star black EMR stylus – it is compatible with lots of tablets (check compatibility here) and can also be given as a set with the Wacom One tablet. It turns digital drawing, image editing, gaming and even digital homework into an adventure. Did you know that the lid of the LAMY AL-star black EMR can also be engraved with your child’s name, initials, or even a small saying?

Which gift set from LAMY makes a suitable office gift for business partners?

Stylish, classic, elegant – fountain pens and ballpoint pens from Lamy are the ideal business gifts for business owners, colleagues or valued employees. High-quality writing instruments with a timeless and classic design are best suited to these occasions, for example:
LAMY logo brushed (ballpoint pen and fountain pen gift set)
LAMY logo brushed (ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil gift set)
LAMY logo matt black (incl. leather case, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil)

Of course, you can also give someone a fountain pen or ballpoint pen with matching case – and if you’re looking for a fashionable accessory instead of a writing instrument then Lamy leather cases and products from the Lamy x PB 0110 collaboration also make a special gift.

Which is the best Lamy back to school gift set?

To be successful in the long run, it’s important that learning to read and write at school is fun – and parents can encourage this joy of learning with the proper writing equipment. The LAMY abc writing set for beginners comprises of a mechanical pencil and fountain pen and makes a great gift for children starting school. Designed for children from a pedagogical standpoint, the pen promotes the correct three-finger grip when writing and therefore helps get the school year off to a good start.

Delight older children and sixth-form pupils with a notebook and colour-coordinated fountain pen or ballpoint pen set. The hardcover notebooks in the Lamy range are inspired by the colours in the LAMY AL-star series and they stand out on the desk thanks to their metallic design and colourful fore edge. The colours of the softcover notebooks match the writing instruments from the LAMY safari series and they are available in many popular colours.