Valentine’s Day specials: Free engraving for all writing instruments priced 20€ and more & LAMY pico with limited gift box

Design fountain pens “Made in Germany”

Give your handwriting a very special expressiveness with a fountain pen: The timeless design, high-quality workmanship and high level of comfort of our Lamy fountain pens ensure a unique writing experience. In our range you will find stylish, reliable companions for everyday life, school and special occasions.

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LAMY safari

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LAMY studio

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 Accessories: Everything for your fountain pen

Whether ink cartridges for your favourite fountain pen, ink in a jar for special occasions or converters for your beloved everyday fountain pen: Discover our wide range of accessories and put your thoughts down on paper in perfect form.

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The Swiss designer has created numerous products for international brands. For Lamy, he designed the LAMY pico series and the LAMY dialog fountain pen.

New: LAMY nexx in neoncoralred

Calling all students and frequent writers of all ages: The LAMY nexx offers next-level writing fun as well as an incredibly comfortable writing experience over countless pages - and is now available in the colourway neoncoralred. Let it take you to the nexx level!

Fountain pen with engraving

A fine fountain pen with engraving is a great gift for a loved one or even to yourself to commemorate a very special moment. Discover our wide range of options for personalised engraving and gift sets.

Versatile writing with converter and ink glas

A so-called converter allows you to use your fountain pen with both ink cartridges and ink from the glass. Instead of an ink cartridge, simply fill the converter with ink from the jar and insert it into the fountain pen - and you can easily start writing with the ink of your choice. Before a colour change, we always recommend a comprehensive cleaning of your fountain pen; you can find our instructions here.

LAMY 2000: Our piston fountain pen for a classic writing experience

In contrast to the cartridge fountain pen, the ink is drawn directly from the ink glass into the fountain pen. This regulates the flow of ink in the writing instrument in a highly sensitive manner and creates a uniquely balanced typeface.

Design and quality “Made in Heidelberg”

Elegant, timeless, high-quality: Based on the Bauhaus principle "form follows function", Lamy focuses on perfect functionality and a clear design language. Since 1966, we have been manufacturing writing instruments that are internationally renowned for their high quality and iconic design. And for us, this quality already begins in production:

We have been manufacturing almost all components ourselves at our site in Heidelberg. Many steps are carried out by hand, and the care and precision of our experienced employees guarantee Lamy's special quality standard.

"The details are not the details. They form the design."
– Charles Eames


Despite increasing automation, manual detail work is indispensable at Lamy. It complements machine manufacturing processes where special care and skill are required. And the trained eye of our employees is also essential for quality control in final assembly.


Der Schweizer Designer hat zahlreiche Produkte für internationale Marken entworfen. Für Lamy gestaltete er die Serie LAMY pico und den Füllhalter LAMY dialog.

More than a writing instrument

The unique combination of function and aesthetics makes our Lamy fountain pens much more than a mere commodity: They are reliable companions in everyday life and stylish accessories for special moments. With a Lamy fountain pen, you own a piece of design history that gives your individual handwriting a very special expression. This makes writing by hand a very special experience, whether you choose one of our award-winning design classics or a modern, colourful fountain pen.

And it is not only visually that our fountain pens leave nothing to be desired: The use of first-class materials and refined finishing techniques ensures a unique writing experience. Furthermore, the premium writing instruments from Lamy convince with innovative technical solutions and details: Our fountain pen model LAMY dialog with twist mechanism, for example, testifies to precision at the highest level. Discover your new favourite fountain pen in our large range now!

Frequently asked questions

What types of fountain pens are there?

Every handwriting is different, which is why Lamy offers the right fountain pen for every writing style and preference. Children can get started with our learn-to-write fountain pens: They are equipped with special nibs for novice writers and ergonomically shaped grips that support clean writing and the correct pen posture for fatigue-free writing.
Our all-round models for everyday use are characterised by their robust quality and timeless look. Design enthusiasts will find their favourite among our premium models and can add a uniquely smooth writing feel to the Lamy fountain pen of their choice with our platinum-finished 14-carat gold nibs.
All our Lamy fountain pens can be additionally equipped with alternative nibs: In our shop you can get left-handed nibs, bevelled nibs for a slanted hand position, calligraphy nibs for beautiful writing and our elegant premium nibs made of gold or refined with PVD.

Which fountain pen is best for children and for learning to write?

The LAMY abc learn-to-write system, consisting of a learn-to-write pen and a learn-to-write fountain pen, was developed for the first writing attempts. The special feature of the ergonomic fountain pen in this series is the ergonomically shaped grip piece, which ensures a secure hold when writing with its soft, non-slip grip recesses. The LAMY abc fountain pen is equipped with an A nib that glides effortlessly over the paper thanks to its strongly rounded writing tip and supports a relaxed hand position.

The LAMY nexx is also available with a beginner's nib and is suitable for first writing attempts as well as for advanced writers: Its grip is slightly larger overall than the LAMY abc learn-to-write fountain pen, but reaches equally close to the nib and has equally soft grip recesses. The stainless-steel nib is available in four nib strengths and glides effortlessly over the paper. In this way, it enables you to write without tiring, even over a long period of time.

What are the different types of nibs?

Our Lamy nibs of the model LAMY Z50 are available in the strengths extra fine (EF), fine (F), wide (B) and extra wide (BB). Furthermore, the Oblique nibs for writers who prefer a bevelled nib tip are available in the Lamy range - they are also available in the strengths "left oblique medium" (OM), "left oblique wide" (OB) and "left oblique extra wide" (OBB).

Our bicolour gold nibs Z55 and Z56 are available in the strengths "medium" (M), "wide" (B), "extra fine" (EF), "fine" (F), "left oblique medium" (OM) and "left oblique wide" (OB). The black stainless steel nib Z 52 is available in the strengths "medium" (M), "broad" (B), "extra fine" (EF) and "fine" (F).

Special calligraphy nibs, also called cursive or ribbon nibs, are available in line widths of 1.1 mm, 1.5 mm and 1.9 mm.

How do I find a fountain pen for calligraphy?

You can find the LAMY joy fountain pen in our online shop, and it is regularly offered as a special edition in different colours. It is available as standard in three different nib widths (1.1 mm, 1.5 mm and 1.9 mm), allowing you to give your writing an individual expression both in everyday life and on special occasions.
Alternatively, many of our fountain pen models, including LAMY nexx, LAMY safari and LAMY AL-star, can be easily converted into a fountain pen with the Z50 nib series - these are available in 1.1 mm, 1.5 m and 1.9 mm line widths.

Which ink cartridge does my fountain pen need?

Our Lamy fountain pens (with the exception of the LAMY 2000) write with our special LAMY T10 large capacity cartridges. These are available in a variety of colours, including blue and black, as well as other colours for special occasions, individual preferences and creative writing.

Which fountain pen is best for left-handers?

All our Lamy writing instruments can be used by left-handers and right-handers alike. The grips fit ergonomically in the hand of all writers, so that ballpoint pens, rollerballs and other writing instruments can be used with the left or right hand without any problems.
To make your favourite fountain pen suitable for left-handers, only the nib needs to be changed. This is easily possible with the LH spring: It has the same properties as our all-rounder, the M-spring - with a small but subtle difference: It is slightly bevelled and thus optimally suited for left-handers who often angle their hand when writing.