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Perfectly equipped all round

Find the right accessories for your pen among the many different refills, cartridges, inks and converters.

Accessories from A to Z

Expand your Lamy writing instrument and turn a conventional cartridge fountain pen into a noble ink glass fountain pen by means of a converter or put special texts on paper in colour with coloured ink.

Spare parts

Have you worn out the eraser tip of your pencil or would you like to replace the nib of your fountain pen? In the Lamy Shop, you will find all the spare parts you need to get your writing instrument back into working order.

Cartridges and ink

Replenish your stock and expand your domestic range. We offer you a colourful selection of refills, inks and cartridges.

Useful accessories for Lamy writing instruments

To be able to concentrate fully on your work and let your imagination run free, you will find a large selection of ink, ink cartridges and refills for refilling pencils and rollerballs in the Lamy online shop. So supplies are always just a few clicks away.

Matching spare parts for your writing instrument

The nib of your favourite fountain pen is damaged or the eraser tip of your pencil has run out? In such cases, we will be happy to help you: You can either find an appropriate spare part in our online shop or contact a specialist dealer near you.

Sustainable use of writing instruments through reusable cartridges and refills

We attach great importance to sustainability and care for our environment. Therefore, we rely on replaceable refills and cartridges for all our writing instruments. Sustainable and climate-friendly - instead of a new pen, you only buy the cartridges and refills.

Frequently asked questions

Which nib is the right one for my Lamy fountain pen?

When you buy your new fountain pen, you can already choose the nib strength with which you want it to arrive. But you also have the option of purchasing additional fountain pen nibs at a later date. Choose between:

  • Stainless steel nib LAMY Z50 (strengths extra fine (EF), fine (F), broad (B), extra broad (BB))
  • Oblique springs with bevelled spring tip (thicknesses left oblique medium (OM), left oblique wide (OB) and left oblique extra wide (OBB)
  • Bicolour gold nibs LAMY Z55 (medium (M), broad (B), extra fine (EF), fine (F), left oblique medium (OM), left oblique broad (OB))
  • Bicolour gold nibs LAMY Z56 (medium (M), broad (B), extra fine (EF), fine (F), left oblique medium (OM), left oblique broad (OB))
  • Stainless steel nib LAMY Z52 black (medium (M), broad (B), extra fine (EF), fine (F) strengths)
  • Calligraphy nibs (line widths 1.1 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.9 mm)

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Which ink is best suited for a LAMY fountain pen?

All Lamy fountain pens (with the exception of the LAMY 2000) write with special LAMY T10 large capacity cartridges (1.24 ml, 5 cartridges). You can choose from a variety of colours, including blue and black, as well as other colours that are particularly suitable for special occasions, individual preferences and creative writing.
You also have the option of equipping your fountain pen with an additional converter so that you can also use the Lamy inks in the glass. These come in three variants: LAMY T52 (50ml with ink reservoir and practical blotting paper roll), LAMY T51 (30 ml with ink reservoir) and LAMY T53 crystal ink (30ml, colour Benitoite document-proof).

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What ballpoint refills are available?

For the ballpoint refills, you have the choice between the LAMY M16 large capacity refill, LAMY M22 compact refill, LAMY M21 for multi-system pens and the LAMY M55 marker refill for multi-system pens.

You can easily find out exactly which refill you need for your biros or multi-system pen by unscrewing your biros and noting the model number (e.g. LAMY M16), which is recognisable on the refill. Our tip: Also check if your Lamy ballpoint pen is compatible with one of our large capacity refills - these contain even more lead paste for extra long writing pleasure.

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What are Lamy pencil leads made of?

At Lamy, we rely on high quality fabrics to create extra durable products for you. A pencil lead is mainly composed of graphite and clay. "Lead" in the name is merely an obsolete term, from the time when lead was really still mixed in, and is no longer used for manufacturing nowadays. The graphite-clay mixture is absolutely harmless to human health. Crushed and mixed with water, the two ingredients are fired at 1200°C - the mixing ratio determines the hardness of the mine.

What ink pens are available from Lamy?

Depending on the tasks for which you need the ink eraser, you can choose between two line widths. Do you need the ink eraser more for delicate corrections? Then the thickness F (fine) suits this perfectly. If you intend to use it to remove words or partial sentences, you should use strength B (wide).

Note: The ink eraser is only suitable for erasing royal blue ink.

An overview of the colour spectrum: