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LAMY pico Ballpoint Pen

Innovative pocket pen full of transformative power.

One product - several versions

LAMY pico


As low as €39.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Surprisingly practical.

Master of metamorphosis

The compact cylinder turns into a full-grown ballpoint pen with just one click.

Two finishes

Glossy lacquer finish or a matte finish? At first sight, both surface qualities seem like a fairly minor detail - but they give the LAMY pico its unique expressiveness.

The refill

Refillable with Compact refill LAMY M22 in line width M and the colours black and blue – both document-proof.

Accessories: Everything for your ballpoint pen

Replacement refills in different line widths and colors, a case for on the go or a notebook in matching colours: Discover the wide range of accessories for Lamy ballpoint pens.


Inconspicuous in black, imperialblue and white or confident and vibrant in neonpink and laserorange: The LAMY pico not only adapts to the size of your bag, but also to your personality. By the way, for style statements of a special kind we recommend the shade chrome – it will literally reflect even the most multifaceted personalities.

THROWBACK: LAMY pico neon green 2019

Cheerful, carefree, and a little wild: The 2019 Special Edition of the LAMY pico embodies the attitude of that time like no other writing instrument. What the next special edition of the model will stand for? Let us surprise you ...


"The most important thing happens in my head before I make a design. Suddenly I look at things differently, I see them more closely." What the designer means by that? Read it in the interview.

Thinking on Pap

When we write, we organize our thoughts, get new ideas, and gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Design icons: Milestones at Lamy

From LAMY 2000 to LAMY aion: The aspiration to merge aesthetics and functionality into perfect harmony has produced numerous iconic writing instruments.

Where the LAMY pico is created

Since 1966, we have been manufacturing almost all components of Lamy writing instruments ourselves at our site in Heidelberg, Germany. With the LAMY pico, too, around 75% of the manufacturing time goes into the manual detail work – resulting in a handcrafted, refined writing instrument that you will enjoy for a long time.