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Everything for Digital Writing

From the stylus writing tip to the interchangeable tweezers to the ballpoint refill for twin pens: Here you will find everything you need to ensure that your digital pen is always ready for use. Discover our wide range of spare parts and add-ons for even more writing pleasure.

Accessories (3)


LAMY digital paper Notebook for ncode technology

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LAMY Z109 PC/EL pointier for LAMY safari twin pen EMR

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LAMY Z104 Tweezers for LAMY safari twin pen EMR

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Accessories (3)


Important accessories from Lamy for Digital Writing products

The stylus tip of your smart pen is worn out or your LAMY digital paper notebook is full of writing? In our online shop, we offer all the accessories you need to enjoy your digital writing instrument for a long time. And should you ever lose a part, such as the cap of the pen or the tweezers for changing the writing tips, you can also conveniently get these online.

Sustainable products through interchangeable spare parts

Like all Lamy products, our digital writing range is characterised by the highest quality and durability. To be able to use your writing instrument as usual for years, wear parts such as writing tips and biros refills should be replaced when necessary. You can read here how we, as a family business, are also committed to sustainability.

What to look for when choosing a digital writing product

The most important clue as to whether a particular digital writing instrument suits you, is the technology of your end device. Therefore, check whether your desired smart pen is EMR-compatible with your tablet, smartphone or notebook. To use our smart pen with ncode technology, on the other hand, all you need is the free ncode app.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find the right accessories for my digital writing products?

We have compatible accessories for all our styluses here clearly sorted by model for you. Your local Lamy store also stocks a range of spare parts - find a store near you here. If you do not find what you are looking for or have any further questions, please contact our customer service department here regarding the right accessories for your digital writing instrument.

How do I charge my Lamy digital writing products?

Our digital pens with EMR technology, LAMY AL-star EMR and LAMY safari twin pen EMR, work completely without electricity - without cable, without battery, without charging.
You can charge the LAMY safari all black ncode with the USB-C cable, which is included in the set. The biros inside the pen will of course work regardless of the charging status - only the transfer from the notebook to your end device (smartphone, tablet) will be paused if the pen is not sufficiently charged: Unfortunately, subsequent transfer is not possible. To be able to use the functions of the LAMY safari all black ncode to their full extent, the battery must therefore be charged.

Are components of Lamy digital writing products interchangeable?

With your digital writing instrument with EMR technology (LAMY AL-star EMR and LAMY safari all black twin pen EMR), you can conveniently and easily change stylus writing tips and twin pen ballpoint refills yourself. Choose from 3 digital writing tips the one that suits your personal preferences and fits your tablet, and replace it yourself using the matching tweezers.

You can also replace the refill of the LAMY safari all black ncode yourself. See our tutorial for this.

How long does a battery last with the Digital Writing products?

A full charge of the LAMY safari all black ncode allows up to 11 hours of uninterrupted writing. Although the ballpoint refill will of course work at any time and can be easily re-purchased, it should run out of ink. The full functionality of the smart pen can only be used when the battery is charged.

For which digital writing products can I get spare parts? 

The LAMY range offers a selection of different tips for the EMR pens for easy replacement of worn out writing tips. For the LAMY AL-star EMR, you can choose between the LAMY Z105 PC/EL tip with round contour and the LAMY Z107 PC/EL tip with pointed contour - especially great for smooth surfaces. The LAMY Z109 PC/EL tip with pointed contour is suitable for the LAMY twin pen EMR.

You can find instructions on how exactly to change stylus tips here.

In order to use the LAMY safari all black ncode to its full extent, you need the LAMY digital paper notebook with the NeoLAB technology. Have you filled up your old LAMY digital paper notebook? You can easily purchase a new one.

Find more information here.