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A Lamy for life

With their timeless design and highest quality "Made in Germany", our fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerballs, mechanical pencils and many other types of pens are reliable as well as stylish companions in every life situation. We offer a wide range of high-quality writing instruments for your individual preferences and requirements.

Find your favourite Lamy

With around 26 design series and more than 200 writing instrument models, you will find the right pen for every requirement and style in our range: No matter whether you are looking for a special fountain pen for enthusiasts, want to dive into the world of digital writing with a stylus or want to please a loved one with an individually engraved pen.

Accessories: Everything for fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint pens and co.

From leather cases to ink in your favourite colour and erasers: Here you will find everything you need to put your best handwriting on paper and enjoy your writing instrument for a long time.



"Form follows function": The Bauhaus principle is a central component of our brand philosophy. Because for us, design is a holistic attitude that goes beyond the aesthetic design of our products. Day after day, we strive to produce timelessly elegant writing instruments of the highest functionality and best quality that will accompany you for the rest of your life.

Writing utensils for children

Ideal for children who are just gaining their first writing experiences are our learn-to-write pencils and our beginner pens. The ergonomic grip, the robust body and the modern design make models such as LAMY safari, LAMY nexx, LAMY joy and LAMY balloon a favourite in every pencil case. Especially beautiful: The models are available in many bright colours so that your child can express their individual personality right from the choice of pencil.

Writing utensils as a gift

A high-quality pen is much more than just a writing instrument - it accompanies the person receiving it for the rest of their life and carries very special memories. In our online shop we offer a large selection of gift sets with fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens and other pens - or you can put together a gift set yourself with a notebook in a matching colour to the pen. Or how about the matching gift box or a high-quality leather case to keep it in? With an engraving, the pen then becomes a very personal souvenir.

The LAMY Manufacture: Quality "Made in Heidelberg”

Since 1966, we have been manufacturing almost all components ourselves at our site in Heidelberg. Around 75% of the manufacturing time goes into the manual detail work, and the care and precision of our experienced employees guarantee Lamy's special standard.

And the trained eye of our employees is also essential for quality control in final assembly. This creates durable writing instruments that you will enjoy for a long time.

Frequently asked questions

Which writing instruments are available?

Our range of high-quality writing instruments includes fountain pens, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, rollerball pens, multi-system pens and styluses for digital writing, as well as products for drawing and painting. From ergonomic fountain pens for young people and frequent writers to elegant design editions made of metal for collectors and enthusiasts to styluses for tablets - our comprehensive range offers high-quality pens with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Which models and product families are available from Lamy?

Writing enthusiasts all over the world love our range because of the distinctive design, the unique quality and last but not least the great variety: Among around 26 design series and more than 200 writing instrument models, there is a suitable writing instrument for every preference, every demand and every hand.

Many of our models can be purchased as fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerballs and pencils: This way, you have the right version of your favourite model at hand, depending on your needs.

Children succeed with the pencils, rollerballs and ergonomic school fountain pens of the LAMY abc, LAMY nexx and LAMY balloon series. Schoolchildren from grade 5 upwards and young people will enjoy robust, colourful series such as LAMY safari and LAMY AL-star. For adults who like to write a lot, our models in the LAMY studio, LAMY logo and LAMY aion series are faithful everyday companions, and design enthusiasts will find their new favourite among the LAMY imporium, LAMY dialog and LAMY 2000 models.

The innovative digital pens in our range are equipped with EMR technology and can be used as pure input pens for certain smartphones, but also as styluses for writing, drawing and painting on the tablet. Particularly practical is our LAMY safari all black ncode, which you can use as a ballpoint pen on paper and as a digital pen for editing notes on your tablet thanks to its optoelectronic character recognition.

Which writing instrument is suitable for children starting school?

The LAMY abc learn-to-write system, consisting of mechanical pencils and fountain pens, was designed for the first writing attempts. The special feature of this series is the large, ergonomically shaped grip piece which, with its soft, non-slip grip recesses, ensures a secure hold when writing. The mechanical pencil has a soft, break-resistant lead with a wide writing track that encourages novice writers to press down less. The learn-to-write pen is the logical further development of the learn-to-write pencil. It is equipped with a special stainless steel beginner's nib with a spherical nib tip that is particularly robust. The index finger and thumb of the LAMY abc fountain pen are fixed very close to the nib, which makes it particularly easy for children's hands to guide it.

Once the first steps have been successfully mastered, the LAMY nexx is the perfect fountain pen for children who are already more confident in writing. Its overall grip is slightly larger than that of the learn-to-write fountain pen, but reaches equally close to the nib and has equally soft grip recesses. The stainless-steel nib - available in four nib strengths and for left-handers - glides effortlessly across the paper, allowing you to write without fatigue even over long periods of time.

Where are Lamy writing tools manufactured?

We are a family business based in Heidelberg, Germany, where we have been producing our writing instruments since 1966, making us one of Germany's leading writing instrument manufacturers for decades. Around 95% of all production steps, including the manufacture of most components, take place in-house at our company - and we stick to this as a matter of conviction. All plastic parts, such as our ink cartridges, are manufactured in our own injection moulding hall. Ballpoint refills, large capacity refills and nibs for fountain pens made of steel and gold are also manufactured in-house. Final assembly and quality control at the end of the manufacturing process are carried out with the utmost care by our experienced employees. (MANUFACTURE/Manufacturing idea)

Thanks to our exceptionally high level of manufacturing and added value as well as careful controls throughout the entire production process, we ensure what Lamy is known for worldwide: consistently high quality

For which occasion should I give which writing instrument?

Whatever age, stage of life and taste of the person receiving the gift, you will find the right gift in our online shop.

To celebrate graduation, starting a new job or a long-earned promotion, the LAMY safari ncode digital pen and digital paper notebook set is perfect for writing notes both by hand and on a tablet.

For communion, confirmation or even a birthday, young writing enthusiasts will be delighted with the LAMY Lx special edition pen in a matching gift case.

For very special occasions in life, such as weddings, round birthdays or even for an important signature, such as when buying your first home, a design classic like the LAMY 2000 fountain pen in a set with the matching holder is a particularly beautiful gift that the recipient will remember this special moment for a long time.

Of course, our fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils and digital pens are also suitable as a small gift for any other occasion. With an engraving, you give your gift a particularly personal touch.