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Comfortable, stylish, practical: Rollerball pens "Made in Germany”

If you're looking for an alternative to a fountain pen that combines the everyday practicality of a ballpoint pen with the pleasant writing feel of a fountain pen, you'll love our high-quality rollerball pens: They glide effortlessly over the paper and produce a clean typeface - perfect for anyone who likes to write a lot.

Rollerball Pens (3)


LAMY safari

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LAMY swift

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LAMY AL-star

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Rollerball Pens (3)


Accessories: Everything for your rollerball

Replacement refills in different colours, high-quality leather cases or ink erasers for quick corrections: Discover our selection of accessories for your rollerball pen.

Experience a very special writing feeling

Do you have questions about a product? Would you like to test how a particular product feels in the hand? Or do you need support in deciding between two models? Your local specialist dealer will be happy to support you.

Why is a rollerball pen from Lamy worthwhile?

At Lamy, the focus is on the functionality and quality of the writing instruments. Our high-quality rollerballs therefore not only impress with their elegant design, they are also particularly comfortable to hold thanks to their ergonomic grip. The robust housing and the practical refill system make them reliable companions at work, school and in everyday life. Our capless rollerball pens, in particular, are ideal for on-the-go use thanks to their clever interplay of pusher and retractable clip, and are always quickly to hand.

Alternative to fountain pens and ballpoint pens

While a fountain pen requires a lot of care when writing, a rollerball pen enables fast, fatigue-free writing. The thin-bodied ink dries faster than comparable oil-based products (e.g. ink in ballpoint pens), which is particularly pleasing for left-handers: This significantly reduces the risk of smudging the writing. A good rollerball pen also reduces the effort required to write: The thinner ink is particularly smooth, so the hand needs to exert less pressure on the paper.

Find the right refill

We offer two types of replacement refills: The model LAMY M63 for rollerball pens with cap and the model LAMY M66 for capless pens (except LAMY imporium). The smooth-running ball in the writing tip of our refill cartridges ensures a high level of writing comfort and is available in line widths B and M for both models. You can also get the refill cartridges in a variety of colours, including black, blue, red and green.
The LAMY balloon rollerball pen, our model for young frequent writers, is refilled with the cartridges of the LAMY T11 series.

Frequently asked questions

What is a rollerball?

Our Lamy rollerball pens combine the best of both worlds: They are as easy to use as a ballpoint pen, but give the pleasant writing feeling of a fountain pen. The writing tip emits ink via a ceramic or tungsten carbide ball and delivers a rich stroke even when writing quickly. The ink of a rollerball pen is thinner than that of a ballpoint pen and thus ensures a high level of writing comfort and a particularly even typeface.

Which rollerball is best for me?

In our large range of ink rollers, there is a suitable writing instrument for every wish: Models such as the LAMY AL-star, LAMY safari and LAMY Lx, for example, are available in many colours, materials and finishes as well as modern metallic looks and offer writing fun for every age and lifestyle.

The capless models such as the LAMY swift are characterised by their timeless design. Thanks to smooth-running click or twist mechanisms, they are as easy to use in everyday life as a ballpoint pen and offer an unrivalled precise, fluid writing feel.

With their unique look, our premium models LAMY 2000 and LAMY imporium bring a piece of design history to your desk and express your individuality in a particularly noble way.

Furthermore, all our Lamy rollerballs are equally suitable for left-handers and right-handers and many models can be personalised with an engraving.

Are rollerballs suitable for school beginners?

For novice writers, the writing instrument is often specified by the school in the first two years of school, so we advise you to consult your child's teacher if in doubt. In principle, we recommend our rollerball pens for older children who already write safely and carefully.

The LAMY safari, LAMY balloon and LAMY AL-star models support an optimal hand posture with their ergonomic grip and enable fluent writing without fatigue. They are also available in many bright colours and are particularly child-friendly thanks to their robust housing.

What is the difference between a rollerball and a ballpoint pen?

While the writing tip of both writing instruments contains a ball, the ink of a rollerball is thinner than that of a ballpoint. Ballpoint inks are oil-based and therefore correspondingly viscous. The ink of a rollerball pen, on the other hand, is more fluid and thus enables comfortable, gliding writing.

In comparison, rollerball refills contain less writing volume than a ballpoint refill of the same size because the ink in the rollerball refill is stored in cellulose. By the way: Our large-capacity refill for ballpoint pens, LAMY M16, has the largest writing volume in the Lamy range.

Can Lamy rollerballs be refilled?

All our rollerballs are refillable with replacement refills: In our online shop you can get the replacement refills LAMY M63 for rollerballs with a cap and LAMY M66 for rollerballs without a cap (and LAMY imporium). Both are available in M and B line widths and in many colours, including black and blue (erasable).