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Colourful ink “Made in Germany”

The feeling of dipping the fountain pen into the ink glass and putting our words on paper like this is a very special one. Experience even more joy when writing in everyday life, bullet journaling or hand lettering with ink in your favourite colour. Discover the great Lamy colour variety of inks made in Germany now.

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LAMY T 53 crystal ink

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At a glance: Ink cartridge or ink glass?

Which is better suited to your wishes and writing habits: Practical large-capacity ink cartridges or ink jar? Read an overview of the advantages of each method here.

Quick and convenient: Ink cartridges

Anyone who writes a lot in everyday life will appreciate the advantages of the LAMY T10 large capacity ink cartridges: The exchange is quick and easy, the empty cartridges are recyclable in the plastic waste and the cartridges are available in seven classic colours.

Lots of room for creativity: Inkwell

Although refilling Lamy converters is also simple and quick, it requires minimally more time and attentiveness than changing a cartridge. On the other hand, writing with ink from the glass is particularly environmentally friendly and the more than 15 colours in the Lamy range leave nothing to be desired.


In 1966, the LAMY 2000 hit the stationery shops - and still holds a unique cult status today. The plunger is filled with ink via a twist mechanism at the end of the body. The special feature: The twist mechanism is virtually invisible and is thus a masterpiece of engineering and a homage to the Bauhaus principle in one.

Discover the LAMY 2000


It is the little things that are remembered: A lovingly designed letter with calligraphed details, handwritten invitation cards with hand lettering elements or art journaling are something really special because they reflect the creativity of the creator and the individual relationship with the recipient. Have you created something creative with ink yourself? Tag @lamy_global on Instagram or use the hashtag #LAMYinkspiration.

Writing with ink and pen

Celebrate your handwriting and enjoy a very special writing experience: Our nibs made of gold and stainless steel in various thicknesses not only give your fountain pen a classy look, they also conjure up an incomparably soft, harmonious typeface.

Different types of ink

There are many different types of ink for writing with fountain pens: Solvent-based, pigmented or water-based - or ink for drawing. Lamy inks are water-based and are manufactured in Heidelberg: From colour-intensive to document-proof to erasable ink - they are all vegan and free from questionable ingredients.

Drawing and painting with ink

Draw with pen and ink? For sure! The fountain pen model LAMY safari is especially popular among professional and hobby artists from all over the world: With different nib tips, the fountain pen adapts to your individual drawing style and lies comfortably in your hand even over many hours of creative work.

Frequently asked questions

How is Lamy ink made?

The ink is produced according to the in-house recipe in the LAMY manufactory in Heidelberg. Thus, the entire manufacturing process is subject to strict hygiene requirements and the finished product is regularly tested and adjusted according to the guidelines of the European Chemicals Regulation (REACH).

Lamy inks are water-based, vegan and free from questionable ingredients. And of course, every single ink cartridge and ink glass is carefully checked by the employees before they leave the factory.

Where does Lamy ink come from?

All Lamy inks are "Made in Germany" and are manufactured at the LAMY Manufaktur in Heidelberg. They are subject to the European Chemicals Regulation and are free from ingredients that pose a health risk. Only after a detailed quality control do the inks leave the factory.

Which Lamy ink to refill my fountain pen with?

All Lamy fountain pens (with the exception of the LAMY 2000) can be used with ink cartridges as well as with converters for ink from the glass – it all depends on your personal preference here.

The LAMY T10 large capacity ink cartridges are available in seven different colours and are each filled with 1.25 ml of ink - each pack contains five cartridges.

The LAMY T51 ink jars each contain 30 ml of ink, while the LAMY T52 ink jars hold 50 ml and are also equipped with a practical blotting paper roll.

For handwritten cards and letters on special occasions or for journaling and drawing, the classy colours of the LAMY T53 crystal ink series are particularly suitable.

Which Lamy ink to use for writing?

When choosing the ink, your personal preference and the occasion for which you want to put something on paper are crucial. For extensive notes at work, school or university, the LAMY T10 large capacity ink cartridges are the most convenient solution. Thanks to the large supply of ink it contains, you will need to change the cartridge less often than with other manufacturers' fountain pens. And in addition to the classic colours royal blue, blue-black and black, they are also available in other pleasant shades - for example green, red, turquoise or violet.

If you use the LAMY 2000 piston fountain pen or a fountain pen with converter, you have the choice between different inks from the glass: The simplistic LAMY T51 with 30ml in three colours for easy refilling, the practical LAMY T52 with 50ml ink supply and blotting paper roll or the bright colours of the LAMY T53 crystal ink range for particularly colourful notes, bullet journaling or drawing with ink.

How can I find the right ink at Lamy?

The LAMY T10 large capacity ink cartridges are compatible with every Lamy fountain pen*, including, for example, our popular LAMY safari and LAMY AL-star models.
To use your fountain pen with an inkwell, you can purchase a converter for all our models - you fill this with the ink and then insert it into your writing instrument. Of course, you can always reinsert an ink cartridge into the fountain pen after thoroughly cleaning the writing instrument if you no longer wish to use a converter.

*Note: The LAMY 2000 fountain pen is the only model that is not compatible with the LAMY T10 ink cartridges. It can only be used with ink from the ink glass.