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The future of writing: Digital Writing with EMR by Lamy

A distinctive design, perfect ergonomics and the highest quality - with our digital pens you bring your handwriting into the digital world:
Thanks to Wacom's patented electromagnetic resonance technology (short: EMR), you can use our stylus pens with all compatible digital devices completely without power, batteries or rechargeable batteries - anytime, anywhere.

Which digital pen for what?


The LAMY AL-star black EMR is our first writing instrument for digital writing and was developed based on the classic design of the same name. With its ergonomic grip, it sits comfortably in your hand as usual, glides smoothly and comfortably across the display and offers you possibilities that are as limitless as your imagination when writing and drawing on the tablet.

  1. Engravable

    LAMY AL-star black EMR

    As low as £42.00
    incl. VAT, plus shipping costs
  1. New

    LAMY safari twin pen all black EMR

    As low as £69.00
    incl. VAT, plus shipping costs


The LAMY safari all black twin pen EMR is a biro and stylus pen in one. Based on our best-selling LAMY safari range, it is the ideal tool for anyone who likes to switch between the analogue and digital worlds with flexibility: Switch flexibly between paper and tablet with just one twist.

Accessories for Digital Writing

In addition to the matching writing tips and interchangeable tweezers
for our digital pens, you can also find other accessories from the world of digital writing from Lamy in our online shop.


For your EMR-Pen, we offer tips made of PC/EL for glossy, glass-like surfaces, available with round or pointing contour, and tips made of POM for matt, paper-like surfaces - also suitable for tablets with paper-like protective foil. From these three types of writing tips, choose the one that perfectly suits your writing and your tablet.


The application possibilities of the Digital Writing Tools by Lamy are almost endless in their diversity. They offer every personality, every attitude to life and every message a very individual form of expression. Let the protagonists of our LAMY Stories inspire you.


The Wacom One Creative Pen Display is much more than just a tablet: Let your creativity run free or use its numerous functions at school, university and work. The Wacom One feels almost exactly like drawing on paper, with the addition of the possibilities of the digital world.

Compatibility check

For many devices, there are both stylus-enabled and non-stylus-enabled versions of the same model - if your device did not come with a stylus from the manufacturer, it is best to check again with the manufacturer’s customer service whether your device is compatible with EMR technology.


Tablet PC

9.7 Chromebook Tab 10 (D651N-F14M)
13.5 Zoll Switch 7 Black Edition

Notebook PC

11.6 Zoll Chromebook Spin 11 (R751TN-N14N)
11.6 Zoll Chromebook Spin 311
11.6 Zoll Chromebook Spin 511 (R752TN-G2, for GIGA)
12.0 Zoll Chromebook Spin 512
13.3 Zoll Chromebook Spin 13
15.6 Zoll ConceptD 7 Pro
15.6 Zoll ConceptD 7 Ezel Pro
15.6 Zoll ConceptD 7 Ezel
17.3 Zoll ConceptD 9 Pro



Paperless Tablet 15 (15.1 Zoll)


Tablet PC

8 Zoll VivoTab Note 8

Notebook PC

11.6 Zoll Chromebook Flip C213-NA-BW
11.6 Zoll Chromebook Flip C214-MA-BW


Tablet PC

9.7 Zoll Chromebook Tab Tx1
11.6 Zoll Chromebook NL7TW-360 for Education
11.6 Zoll Chromebook NL7TW
11.6 Zoll Chromebook NL7TWB


Tablet PC

11.6 Zoll New Chromebook 5190 2-in-1
14 Zoll Inspiron Chromebook 14 2-in-1 (7486)


27 Zoll Dell Canvas 27

Dospara (Thirdwave Diginnos)

Tablet PC

8 Zoll raytrektab DG-D08IWP

ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems)

Tablet PC

10.1 Zoll LIVA TE10EA3


Tablet PC

7.85 Zoll T8S
7.86 Zoll T10 (EBEN 80008)
8 Zoll T7
8 Zoll T8


Tablet PC

10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab QH55/M
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q584/H
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab QH55/S
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q584/K
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab QH35/W
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q506/ME ( model name for educational users)
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q506/MB ( model name for business)
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q507/PE
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q507/P-SP
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q508/SE ( model name for educational users)
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q508/SB ( model name for business)
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q509/VE (education)
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q509/VB (business)
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q5010/CE (education)
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q5010/CB (business)
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q5010/DE (business)
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q5010/DEG (business)
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q5010/EEG (business)

10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q5011/GE
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab WQ2/D1
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab WQ2/E1
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab WQ2/E2
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab WQ2/F1
10.1 Zoll ARROWS Tab EH

11.6 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q665/L
11.6 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q665/M
11.6 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q616/P

12.5 Zoll ARROWS Tab QH77/M
12.5 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q704/H

12.5 Zoll ARROWS Tab RH77/X
12.5 Zoll ARROWS Tab R726/M ( model name for business)

13.3 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q736/M
13.3 Zoll ARROWS Tab Q737



Notebook PC

12.1 Zoll LIFEBOOK T731/D

12.5 Zoll LIFEBOOK T732
12.5 Zoll LIFEBOOK T725/K

13.3 Zoll LIFEBOOK Q775/K
13.3 Zoll LIFEBOOK TH90/P
13.3 Zoll LIFEBOOK T904/H
13.3 Zoll LIFEBOOK TH90/T
13.3 Zoll LIFEBOOK T935/K
13.3 Zoll LIFEBOOK T936


E-Paper Tablet

9.7 Zoll Digital Paper P9


Tablet PC

11.6 Zoll HP Elite x2 1011 G1
11.6 Zoll HP Chromebook x360 11 G1 EE
11.6 Zoll HP Chromebook x360 11 G2 EE

12.5 Zoll HP Pro x2 612 G1

14 Zoll HP ZBook x2 G4


E-Paper Tablet

14 Zoll (A4 size) (»Denshi Shitajik«, electronic sheet for writing)


Tablet PC

9.7 Zoll YOGA BOOK

11.6 Zoll Lenovo 500e Chromebook

11.6 ZollLenovo 500e Chromebook (Year 2019 model)


Tablet PC

10.1 Zoll 101同学派ND3


Tablet PC

7.8 Zoll BOOX Nova3
10.3 Zoll BOOX Note Air
10.3 Zoll BOOX Note3
13.3 Zoll BOOX Max Lumi
13.3 Zoll BOOX Max Lumi 2


Tablet PC

10.1 Zoll Toughpad FZ-G1
10.1 Zoll TOUGHBOOK CF-20
10.4 Zoll CF-H2

Pendo Tech

Tablet PC

HYPEN (A5 size)

Digit-Note A4 Pro (A4 size)


E-Paper Tablet

10.3 Zoll Supernote A5
10.3 Zoll Supernote A5X

7.8 Zoll Supernote A6
7.8 Zoll Supernote SuperStar A6X


E-Paper Tablet

10.3 Zoll reMarkable tablet

10.3 Zoll reMarkable tablet


Smart Phone

5.3 Zoll Galaxy Note
5.5 Zoll Galaxy Note 2
5.5 Zoll Galaxy Note 3 Neo
5.6 Zoll Galaxy Note Edge
5.7 Zoll Galaxy Note 3
5.7 Zoll Galaxy Note 4
5.7 Zoll Galaxy Note 5
5.7 Zoll Galaxy Note 7
5.7 Zoll Galaxy Note FE (Fandom Edition, only in Korea)
6.3 Zoll Galaxy Note 8
6.4 Zoll Galaxy Note 9
6.7 Zoll Galaxy Note 10 Lite
6.3 Zoll Galaxy Note 10
6.8 Zoll Galaxy Note 10+
6.7 Zoll Galaxy Note 20
6.9 Zoll Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
6.8 Zoll Galaxy S21 Ultra
6.8 Zoll Galaxy S22 Ultra


Tablet PC

8 Zoll Galaxy Note 8.0
8 Zoll Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019)
8 Zoll Galaxy Tab Active2
9.7 Zoll Galaxy Tab A Plus
9.7 Zoll Galaxy Tab S3
10.1 Zoll Galaxy Note 10.1
10.1 Zoll Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014)
10.1 Zoll Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016)
10.1 Zoll ATIV Tab 3
10.5 Zoll Galaxy Tab S4
10.5 Zoll Galaxy Tab S6
10.4 Zoll Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
11 Zoll Galaxy Tab S7
12.4 Zoll Galaxy Tab S7+
12.4 Zoll Galaxy Tab S7 FE
11 Zoll Galaxy Tab S8
12.4 Zoll Galaxy Tab S8+
13.3 Zoll Galaxy Book Pro 360
15.6 Zoll Galaxy Book Pro 360
13.3 Zoll Galaxy Book2 Pro 360
15.6 Zoll Galaxy Book2 Pro 360
10.6 Zoll Galaxy Book 10.6
11.6 Zoll Series 7 11.6 Zoll Slate XE700T1A
11.6 Zoll ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T
11.6 Zoll ATIV Smart PC 500T
12 Zoll Galaxy Book 12
13.3 Zoll Galaxy Book Flex 13
15.6 Zoll Galaxy Book Flex 15
12 Zoll Galaxy Book2
12.2 Zoll Galaxy Note PRO


Notebook PC

13.3 Zoll Galaxy Chromebook
12.3 Zoll Chromebook Plus
12.3 Zoll Chromebook Pro
12.2 Zoll Chromebook Plus V2
13.3 Zoll Notebook 9 Pro 13 Zoll
13.3 Zoll Notebook 9 Pen 13 (2019)
15.0 Zoll Notebook 9 Pro 15 Zoll
15.0 Zoll Notebook 9 Pen 15 (2019)

Sigong Education

Tablet PC

10.1 Zoll Educational tablet in Korea

Terada Music Score

Tablet PC

13.3 Zoll Digital Music Score (電子楽譜専用端末) ZollGVIDO Zoll (2displays)


Tablet PC

12.5 Zoll dynabook R82
12.5 Zoll Portege Z20T-C


Creative Display

10.1 Zoll One

13.3 Zoll One


Tablet PC

10.1 Zoll Bobcat

Frequently asked questions

How does EMR technology work?

Wacom's patented EMR (electromagnetic resonance) technology replicates the feel of writing on paper using a magnetic field on the tablet surface. There are sensors behind the LCD screen of EMR-enabled tablets that are arranged in a grid pattern. Each individual sensor emits a weak electromagnetic signal so that movements and pressure of the digital pen on the tablet surface are detected extremely precisely and reliably.

What are the benefits of EMR technology?

Wacom's EMR technology has the highest precision and reliability in the industry. Another benefit of digital writing with EMR: The styluses function completely without power - without battery, without cable, without rechargeable battery, without charging. This means they are always ready for use and perform reliably even during long creative sessions, meetings or lectures.

Which Lamy products are compatible with EMR technology?

The two stylus pens from Lamy, LAMY AL-star black EMR and LAMY safari all black twin pen EMR, are compatible with most Samsung and tablets as well as other EMR-enabled tablets. Here, you will find a detailed list of all compatible devices.
The LAMY safari all black ncode, on the other hand, is not compatible with EMR technology. You can find more information about the ncode technology here.

Will EMR technology replace traditional writing on paper?

For some occasions, nothing can replace the writing experience of a high-quality fountain pen on paper. But EMR technology, through its intuitive functionality, offers additional possibilities to edit and share digital documents or to unite the analogue and digital worlds of painting and drawing.

Where and how is EMR technology used?

The applications of EMR technology are almost endless - no matter where and how you want to write, sign or draw digitally: In the office, the technology allows you to take handwritten notes & digitally edit, convert, store, publish and sign documents. Lamy stylus pens also offer perfect ergonomics at school and university without fatigue, even when taking notes for long periods. Handwritten notes, lecture notes and worksheets can be conveniently edited digitally. Important information can be recorded particularly quickly and efficiently so that it can be retrieved later at any time.
And the technology can also be used in a variety of ways during leisure time: Conveniently set digital signatures, capture spontaneous ideas while digitally drawing or enjoy precise navigation and high-speed interaction while gaming.
In addition to Wacom tablets, Lamy's EMR pens are compatible with devices from many other manufacturers, including Samsung, Dell, Acer, Asus, Lenovo and Fujitsu - see the full list here.

WEEE – Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment

This symbol on the product, accessories or accompanying documentation, printed or digital, indicates that the product should not be disposed of with other household waste. To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, please separate these items from other types of waste and recycle them responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources.

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