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Beautifully stored in a stylish leather case

A case or pencil case not only effectively protects your writing instruments on the go from scratches or leaking in your pocket, but also provides a stylish extension for your favourite fountain pen, biros, pencil or whatever else you like to write with. Even if you want to give a writing instrument as a gift, the matching case is an ideal addition so that the person receiving the gift can enjoy it for a long time.

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LAMY A 112

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LAMY A 201

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LAMY A 303

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Cases (18)


Gift idea: High quality cases and writing tools in set

Would you like to give a Lamy writing instrument as a gift? Add a matching leather case to your gift or choose from various writing sets in a fine gift box, which we offer for some of our models - from ballpoint pens to mechanical pencils and fountain pens.

Pencil case as storage for writing instruments

Whether you keep it minimalistic and use only one writing instrument or like to have several at hand - a pen case or pencil case is the best way to keep your writing tools on the go. Especially if you like to travel light, a multi-system pen or multi-colour biros is a good idea, allowing you to switch between several colours or writing systems.

Frequently asked questions

What is the benefit of a pen case for my writing instrument?

The central added value of a pencil case is, of course, protection against damage during transport: Both on the writing instrument itself, because scratches, marks or dirt are avoided and the loss of the cap - which can result in a damaged writing tip or bent nib - is prevented. But also, to prevent ink from leaking and contaminating clothes or bag. Furthermore, you can comfortably transport several writing instruments in a pencil case or pencil case and have them immediately at hand even in a fully packed bag.

What are the different sizes of the different products?

The LAMY range offers a variety of sizes to suit every taste and pocket size: From cases for a single writing instrument to slip cases for two pens to a pencil case with a zip. All LAMY writing instruments fit the cases: They are the right size not only for fountain pens and ballpoint pens, but also for digital writing instruments such as the LAMY safari all black ncode or the LAMY safari twin pen EMR, so that their sensitive technology is also well protected when on the move.

How do I find the right case for my writing instrument?

Due to its special size, there is a dedicated case for the LAMY pico pocket pen, which is the LAMY A 111. All other cases are compatible with all LAMY writing instruments, whether multi-system pens, fountain pens or pencils. So in the end, it is only your personal taste that decides whether you choose a case that matches the colour of the pen or instead creates a deliberate visual contrast.

Can I also store other LAMY products in my pencil case?

In cooperation with the design label PB 0110, leather cases in three sizes have been created in addition to pen cases. The leather case LP 1.10 in size L, for example, is suitable for transporting a tablet and the corresponding digital writing instrument.
The LAMY x PB 0110 collection also includes a leather case for ink cartridges, in which ink cartridges from the LAMY T10 product range are also well protected when on the move.
Smart and space-saving, the LP 1.12 leather card case is an elegant alternative to large wallets. Here, debit or credit cards, ID cards and driving licences are stored safely and in good order. The LP 1.13 leather business card case is ideal for keeping track of all business and private contacts. A neat advantage for the desk at home: Inside the card case, appointment slips, business cards and other cards have their fixed place and clutter on the desk is a thing of the past.